As Golden Lake Hotel, we have modeled the goals of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in the sustainable tourism approach and 12 basic principles in this context.


* Economic Continuity

• Local Welfare

* Quality of Employment

• Social Equality

* Visitor Satisfaction

• Local Control

• Social Welfare

* Cultural Richness

• Physical Integrity

* Biological Diversity

* Resource Efficiency

* Environmental Purity


In this context;


• We act within the framework of the Environmental Sustainability Policy,


• We support local/regional development and employment,


• By conducting performance analysis, including management positions, without   distinction in the process of employment, progress, rewarding, all we offer equal opportunities to our employees.


• We respect the working rights of our employees and follow them within the framework of the provisions of legal legislation.


• We support the abolition of child labour.


• We offer our employees the opportunity to develop and progress by providing regular trainings.


• It offers a healthy, safe working environment to our employees, requests, suggestions and we offer various opportunities for them to submit their complaints. We contribute to the development of our management systems by evaluating the feedback from our employees.



• We want to make occupational health and safety a corporate culture by working with the zero accident principle.

• While operating our policy, we attach importance to the participation of our related parties and provide transparent information when necessary.


  • We inform our guests and employees about the natural and cultural heritage of the local/Region,

• We evaluate all the feedback of our guests. We are improving our processes in accordance with the data we have obtained.

• When planning our investments, we take into account the risks of our buildings and infrastructure systems to protected sensitive areas, historical heritage, and the integrity of the natural and cultural environment. Land use, construction, maintenance and repair operations, we prefer sustainable applications and materials suitable for the local/region in our design and landscaping related works.

• While designing our buildings and our concept, we consider the needs of our guests and employees with special needs and adopt an accessible service approach for everyone.

• We contribute to the preservation and development of local/regional properties, areas and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual importance.

• We evaluate and analyze the quality and quality of product/service purchases with users. Fair, honest and impartial in supplier selection we re acting.

* Respects human rights; language, religion, race, gender, etc. we reject all forms of discrimination. We are opposed to any kind of abuse or harassment, commercial, sexual or otherwise, directed against special protected groups and other vulnerable groups. Domestic we support the measures to be taken against violence and child abuse.

* We are obliged to comply with all our processes by adhering to our basic values

   we are constantly improving with the understanding of compliance with the legal and other conditions in which we are.


• We act in accordance with the legislation related to information security and improve our processes.

• We invest in technological systems with innovation studies that guide the sector.

• Our activities, our own internal external issues, analyzing potential risks in advance by addressing the needs and expectations of our related parties, constantly

     we are developing in line with the improvement goal. We handle the Risk Management Process in all our business processes and aim to obtain new opportunities.

• In line with sustainable development, we aim to create pioneering, long-term value in the tourism sector.




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